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Another man's trash is another man’s fashion

The concept of the project was around plastic pollution and the throwaway culture we live in today where we see a huge amount of waste created by people each day and plastic pollution has become one of the most environmental issues in the world. Single use items such as plastic bags account for 40% of the plastic produced each year and their lifespan on this planet can be hundreds of years.

I created this photoshoot to show how one can transform single use items to something beautiful and creative. I worked in collaboration with the designer Daria to create two different looks using all single use materials. Our vision was simple, to point out the problem and try to give new life to these items, that would’ve, otherwise, end up in landfills, and use them for art and fashion. 


This project was published in 

Eluxe Magazine

Israel Fashion Magazine

Marika Magazine (print)


Photo Production Company – Lumo Creative Studio @lumo_creative_studio
Photographer – Ksenia Poliak @poliak_photography
Videographer – Natali Werba @nataliwerba
Model –  Noa Ben Moshe @style.withasmile
Fashion Designer – Daria Zheludov @d.a.z.h.e
Hair Stylist – Jane Mogilevsky @jane_mogilevsky.mua
Makeup Artist – Paula Fay @paulafaymakeupartist

Virus Time

Publication in:

PhotoVogue Italy

ELEGANT Magazine: ELEGANT/ April, 2020

Bio-Art International Contest: Virus and Human / Runner up prize / 2020



Publication for Moevir Magazine:

Men & Model/ December, 2020

Black Angel

Publication and cover in 

VZSN magazine

OPEN THEME/ July 2020


New Face Magazine: Iconic for December/ 2019 

ELEGANT Magazine: Open Theme/ October, 2019 

Edith Magazine: WHITE OUT/ September, 2019

HORIZONT Magazine: ISSUE 4/ September, 2019

VZSN Magazine: Open Theme/  October, 2019

Picton Magazine: Black Special Edition/ December, 2019

The Boulevard Magazine: Vol. 31/ March, 2020 

ELEGANT Magazine: ELEGANT/ April, 2020

HORIZONT: ISSUE 10 | ( 1 YEAR )/ April, 2020

VZSN Magazine: OPEN THEME/ July 2020  cover

Aperture Collective Magazine: SUMMER ISSUE/ May, 2020

SHUBA MAGAZINE: ISSUE 38/ August, 2020

HORIZONT: ISSUE 15/ October, 2020

MALVIE Magazine: The ARTIST Edition/ November, 2020

New Face Magazine: November Open Theme/ October, 2020

MOB JOURNAL: VOLUME 11/ December, 2020

Moevir Magazine: Men & Model/ December, 2020

Vertiqlè Magazine: Issue #19 - B&W Portraiture/ December, 2020

The Portrait Project: Volume Two/ February, 2020 cover


ELEGANT Magazine: ELEGANT/ May, 2021

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